2128 Harmony Street

URBANbuild 10 was developed on a substandard lot, just two doors down from the previous year’s two-story URBANbuild 9 home. This year’s house was designed to function as a single-family dwelling or a duplex incorporating a two-bedroom unit with bedrooms upstairs and public living space and smaller studio downstairs.

This scheme is marked by generous open porches. At the front of the house, a large porch adjacent to the dining area opens out to communicate with the street; its custom metal railing presents a contemporary interpretation of the city’s traditional ironwork railings. A second large porch adjacent to the living area opens out to a rear garden with stairs to provide access to the yard, and each bedroom in the home opens up to an adjacent outdoor deck.

Project Team

  • Daisy Dodge
  • Ali Rex
  • Kaitlin Seibert
  • Rosemary Philips
  • Shira Latch
  • Casey Hill
  • Nicole Mehaffey
  • Blair Begbie
  • Helen Lummis
  • Nicole Esser
  • Jeffrey Zolan
  • Max Katz
  • Lee Cooper
  • Christopher Collins
  • Peter Henseler
  • Ari Levine
  • Michael Nunnik
  • Caitlin Parker
  • Vincent Baudoin
  • Sara Connerr
  • Alfia White
  • Colleen Loughlin
  • Ian Rosenfield
  • Mat Ngo
  • Lizzie Himmel

“The construction period is a major part of building relationships with the community. The presence of the UB team out there working long hours indicates an investment in the neighborhood, and the many interactions with neighbors and folks driving by quickly created a sense of community between the students and the residents.”

– Ali Rex, Alumna UB10