Creating a Permit Set

In the latter half of the fall term, students direct their own contributions to the final, built project according to their interests. One group of students prepares a set of construction documents for review by the City of New Orleans Office of Safety and Permits. Producing a true permit set provides students with an opportunity to gain valuable experience in construction document preparation. Many URBANbuild alumni find this knowledge to be extremely helpful when interviewing with potential employers and as they begin their design careers. Below are examples of the professional quality of the documents students produce.

“Regarding conversations with prospective employers, having experience preparing a set of CDs and in collaborating with a team helped me talk about my education in a way that related more to practice. I found that my interviewers were much more interested in my URBANbuild work because it showed the development of an idea into a real structure, whereas most school projects only really go through schematic design.”

– Ali Rex, Alumna UB10